Manchester City vs Liverpool

Unlike The Northwest Derby, the classic Liverpool v Man United match, the rivalry between Liverpool and Man City is a new one. Not from the perspective of the matches played (164), but because Manchester City has become a force in English football only in recent years. However, Liverpool vs Manchester City may become the second Northwest Derby.

A little bit of history

The rivalry between the two cities is a well-known one. Liverpool and Manchester have always been in a fierce economic competition, being located in the second largest urban agglomeration after the Greater London area. Being two world-renowned clubs with a huge fan base and lots of money, it’s normal for any match between Liverpool and the two giants from Manchester to become a passionate one.

Statistically speaking, Manchester City has much to recover in the direct disputes against Liverpool. Of the 82 home games played, City has managed to win 29, has 22 draws and 31 defeats. Goal scoring stats are even worse for the Citizens: 121 scored and 121 received.

Liverpool, on the other hand, has a positive track record at home, but that’s not what we’re interested in nowchanged, and Man City is coming up strong.

Manchester City vs Liverpool – 3 January 2019

In the current context, with a team in City in disarray, the match will probably be the last chance for Guardiola’s men to stay in the title race. After the season that City won en-fanfare in 2017/18, they are now at seven points behind Liverpool. With three matches lost (out of the last five) at the time this article was written, Manchester City had an unexplained derailment from the excellent form they showed at the start of this season. However, it is highly expected that Man City will come back and win this one.

Sidelined players at Man City: Kompany, Fernandinho and Mendy. All that spells more problems for Pep Guardiola. On the “Reds” side, the players who most likely will miss the match are Gomez, Solanke and Matip, all with medical problems.

It’s very hard to give a prediction. If City gets back into good form, then Liverpool has a good chance of losing the match. An outcome as close to reality would be a draw, which would still benefit Livepool.