Barcelona vs Alaves Review

Although not everything is certain, it is very likely that Barca will win the Spanish La Liga title. They are 12 points ahead of their first follow-ups- Atletico Madrid, although the second-placed club still has to play their 34th match in the season, against Valencia.

Here are Barcelona vs Alaves stats and, for anyone who needs, Barcelona vs Alaves live streams.

The away match against Alaves was by no means an easy task for Barcelona, especially considering that their coach decided to ease the pressure a bit on Messi and Jordi Alba, who were left out of the starting eleven.

Nevertheless the Catalans, with Carlos Alena scoring the first goal, which was followed by a penalty realized by Luis Suarez, affirmed their status as the league’s most serious pretenders to the title.

Carlos Alena scored his second goals this season, proving that he is indeed Barca’s future. As a reminder, this young player is born in 1998, and he still has a lot of years ahead of him (in terms of football). Alena is the perfect example of La Masia offspring- he has good technique, vision, and passing. What’s more, he’s rather agile and can switch positions easily. Finally, he is left footed which is always a plus in the football world. 

Of course, Ernesto Valverde didn’t leave his best players on the bench out of a whim- he wanted to rest them ahead of the game with Liverpool. It seems as if Barcelona’s trying to win as much as possible this year, as they are in high spirits after a few seasons of only relative success.  As a reminder, next week the Catalan club is playing against Liverpool in the first leg of Champions League semi-finals. This will most surely be an interesting match, especially because Barca’s Coutinho only recently arrived from Liverpool. The first leg will be played on Camp Nou, but in Liverpool, a harsh reaction from the fans awaits Philippe Coutinho.